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We treat the root cause while alleviating your symptoms

The pain or ache that you're feeling is your body's way of expressing a deeper health issue.
At Sustain Health, we have a team of highly experienced practitioners who all focus on treating the root cause, while alleviating your symptoms.

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Natural. Pain free. Effective.

Chinese Medicine

Because there’s more to good health than conventional medicine.


We believe in healing the person,
not just the symptom.

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What Patients are saying on Google


Coming here has changed my path in life. Before coming here I had seen over 25 different acupuncturists around the world with a mostly positive experiences and have had a lot of references to compare to.

Coming here Scott works on a philosophical level in a way that has powerful and lasting changes. Most health practitioners work only on your body which is what you want in the moment. However, working with your mind and beliefs can change your life in a significant way.

You may walk out of your appointment questioning why you were asked about certain topic or were asked seemingly unrelated questions. In my experience the best practitioners challenge your view in a gentle non confrontational way to get the full effects of a healthier balanced body.

Improving my health is what I came here for. Changing my path is what I came out with.

- Eric


Thanks Dr Ling pretty much for his accuracy diagnosis and professional acupuncture skills. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and yet spacious and warm.

After 3months treatment with acupuncture and herbs, I’m break away with the suffered of side effects that brought to me after ovarian cysts operation. Treatment really make my health improve obviously. Dr Ling is the best traditional Chinese doctor I ever met.

Thanks for the knowledge, healthy and life balancing informations you given🙏

Sustain Health, professional doctor, comfortable environment with friendly counter staff. Recommended 👍

- Jing


I've had MS for 21 years, been walking with a stick for the last 6 years, and now for the last month I am walking on my own again. I am going to the beach walking on sand and in the ocean, walking a dog on grass, gravel, stepping up gutters, and I have 2 free hands!!

Dr Scott has helped me physically improve my balance and leg strength, and emotionally change my living situation. He, his staff, and Professor Zhu, are all very caring and they take much pride in helping people get better.

Acupuncture reopens the pathways, then if you are willing to do the exercise and practice, and look strange for 3 days a week with needles in your head, I think it is all worth it.

- Janeen