During pregnancy the body is put under a lot of strain in different ways. As a result there are many types of pain that can occur: Abdominal pain, back pain, headache, joint pain, etc. Acupuncture and TCM are gentle interventions that can help with pain during pregnancy without adverse effects to either mother or child.

How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help Pain during Pregnancy?

  • Pain relief – Acupuncture and TCM are renowned for their ability to relieve pain quickly and effectively. Pregnancy is no exception, as these gentle interventions work to reduce pain with safety to the mother and child being the highest priority.
  • Treating the cause – Pain during pregnancy is often a symptom of fatigue in the body and the unusual weight distribution of carrying a child. It is a priority of treatment not only to relieve pain but also strengthen the body so these problems no longer occur.
  • General health – If the body is in top condition then pain is much less likely to occur. In order to achieve this Acupuncture and TCM address issues relating to: Digestion, sleep, emotion, stress, fatigue, sickness or any other contributing factor.

What should I expect from treatment?

  • Results – Patients can usually expect to experience relief very quickly for most common forms of pain during pregnancy. Treatment may need to continue for a number of weeks or months for management or prevention purposes depending on the severity and causes of the pain.
  • Acupuncture – Usually used as the first and foremost intervention for pain during pregnancy, Acupuncture is considered to be very effective and safe for the duration of any course of treatment.
  • Herbal Medicine – Often used as an adjunct to Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine is very useful for not only clearing pain but also supporting the body and building strength where it is needed.
  • Regularity – Because of the continual strain on the body during pregnancy regular treatment is usually prescribed especially while pain and fatigue are quite apparent. A patient may expect to come 2 or 3 times a week for the first week or two in order to clear the pain, and the once a week for consolidation and prevention for a number of weeks.

*Severe abdominal pain that does not abate after an hour should be investigated by your pregnancy specialist.

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