Morning Sickness

The experienced team at Sustain Health and customise a holistic and natural treatment to help with morning sickness

Morning sickness affects about 75% of women and is considered completely normal. Very few interventions are effective with the exception of Acupuncture and TCM.

How can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help?

  • Symptoms – By alleviating all of the symptoms associated with morning sickness quickly and effectively.
  • Digestion – Restoring normal function and strengthening the digestive system for well being throughout the whole pregnancy.
  • Balance – Helping the body to find its natural balance for the pregnancy and engender ongoing health.
  • Stress – Reducing stress that impacts on the digestion and effects the whole experience of life.

What can I expect from Acupuncture and TCM treatment?

  • Time – Treatment can last from 1 week to 3 or 4 weeks in most cases, but maybe even up to 10 weeks for severe complicated cases.
  • Regular Acupuncture – Treatment usually requires 2 or 3 sessions a week, depending on the severity, until the symptoms are brought under control. Follow up sessions may be required weekly for support and prevention.
  • TCM – Herbal medicine can be very effective and is often prescribed for daily consumption. Although on occasion this may have to wait until the symptoms reduce in order for ingestion to be possible.

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