Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are vast and debilitating!

We know from modern science that the nervous system is integral to every function in the human body and that any condition affecting it can have serious consequence.  These conditions are often difficult to treat effectively or resolve entirely.

Here at Sustain Health we take these kind of conditions very seriously.  Our team of doctors study extensively and refine their techniques in order to facilitate the best healing and recovery opportunities for our patients.  As part of our ethic we expect to see positive change in the first session.

Brain Neurons

Where are you on the recovery spectrum?

Are you suffering from acute & chronic, idiopathic  or undiagnosed neuro conditions?

Is it a condition, that has previously not responded to other treatments?

Wanting to recover faster from conventional treatments…a more holistic approach rather than just focus on neurology to achieve a sustainable recovery and staying remission?

Which type of conditions can we help with?

As part of our regular practice we treat conditions including…

  • Stroke
  • All kinds of Paralysis
  • Brain and spinal cord injury
  • Peripheral neuropathy nervous system disorders – Guillain-Barre syndromme, Neuropathy, Bell palsy, restless leg syndromme, all kinds of neuralgia
  • Motor neuron disease -Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS)
  • Impaired sensory,motor and visceral functions
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Parkinsons & related conditions
  • Vestibular disorders & ENT disorders- meniere’s diseases, dizziness & vertigo, labrynthitis & neuritis, tinnitus & hearing loss and blocked ear
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • All kind of nerve pain and sciatica


How Can We Help With Your Neurological Disorder?

Our main intervention for neurological disorders is Acupuncture combined with Daoyin – an ancient system of movements and manipulation focusing on the necessity for patients to be engaged with their recovery and accessing the power of their own intent and will to recover.

Many patients will also be prescribed with herbal medicine to assist with internal functions and associated health concerns.

For most neurological conditions, especially traumatic injury, the recovery time and expected outcome can be greatly improved if we see the patient quickly.  This is very important as the longer you wait the harder it will be.

Brain Neurons

No matter how difficult is the condition, you expect to see a change in the first session

Scalp Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders

Our doctors use the world-famous integrative approach scalp acupuncture developed by Dr Zhu, specifically designed for neurological disorders.  This approach is unique and has been shown to be effective from the first treatment!

As we know the hub of all neurology is in the brain and modern science has identified some clear relationships such as one side of the brain controlling the other side of the body.  When practicing Zhu scalp acupuncture we make use of these relationships including needling contralaterally (on the other side of the head to the affected body areas) as well as needling specific areas that relate to different areas of the body and different types of disorders.

When we use scalp acupuncture we are also getting right to the source and making use the body’s natural ability to communicate and heal as a single unit.

Often patients are asked to retain the needles in the scalp, usually for a number of days, in order to create a constant therapeutic effect.  This is completely safe but during this time we ask that they not wet the head and be careful not to impact the needles at all.

Body and Limb Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders

Within the human body nothing is separate, so in most circumstances of neurological dysfunction other areas may also need to be addressed.  Acupuncture applied to the body and limbs is often used to address associated internal dysfunction as well as the primary concern.

Brain and Spine

Holistic Approach

Situations regarding areas such as digestion, reproductive function, respiration etc. often have parallel and contributing factors, but we must not forget the role of the emotions and the mind in regards to pathology and recovery.  When these areas are addressed correctly not only does the condition improve significantly but so does the quality of life.

The intelligent use of Acupuncture, Daoyin and Herbal Medicine directly helps the primary concern as well as secondary and contributing factors, but one of the main goals is to engage the patient’s will to recover.  This engagement or actualization is the true meaning of Daoyin, which also encompases the exercises to help to realize that will.  Through this means the mind and body instruct the neurology to repair and restore normal function.

Integrative Mentality

Most of patients we see with neurological disorders are already diagnosed by modern medical professionals and are looking for ways to improve their recovery.  This type of situation works well because not only does the modern diagnosis tell us more about the problem but also the ongoing treatment and care with their other health professionals can provide a superior result.

We also see many patients who have been given limited options or low expectations for recovery.  In some circumstances, we can provide solutions that modern medicine is not aware of and possibly change the outcome for the better.

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