Sadly not all pregnancy is successful and miscarriage is never an easy experience. Almost 25% of pregnancies are lost within the first 12 weeks of gestation.

We reveal a holistic approach using Chinese medicine and Acupuncture in managing miscarriage. It is why our treatments are so effective.

If you are seeking a safe and natural alternative please read on...

​What's recognised by western medicine​

What's Recognised by Western Medicine

Miscarriage is one of the most common infertility conditions we see in our clinic.

Almost 25% of pregnancies are lost within the first 12 weeks of gestation.

When assessing these types of problems it’s a good idea to look holisticly over all the elements at play.

To have a successful pregnancy a number of things need to happen:

  • successful fertilisation of the ovum
  • successful implantation
  • active prevention of miscarriage
  • ensuring a healthy first trimester
  • ensuring a healthy second trimester & third trimester!
  • assistance in having a natural and smooth labour
  • producing a healthy baby

To achieve all the above, a balanced, calm and healthy mind and body is needed.

Although most of the time the causes of miscarriage are not clearly identifiable… there are still a few known causes recognised by modern medicine.

These causes include the following:


According to the research, when over the age of 40, 33% of pregnancies result in miscarriage.

Random chromosome abnormalities

This is the most common cause of miscarriage. As many as 60% to 70% of embryos are lost during the first 12 weeks of gestation.

Parental chromosome abnormalities

A very small percentage of the population have chromosomal disorders. This can cause implantation to fail, resulting in a miscarriage. In some cases this will result in a child with genetic abnormalities.

Uterine abnormalities

Fibroids and uterine septum can increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

Immune disorders

Antiphospholipid syndrome, Uterus “natural killer cells” and sperm DNA fragmentation

Hormonal imbalances

Low progesterone levels can result in a short luteal phase and thyroid disorders. Both of these issues impact gestation.

RPL: Recurrent pregnancy loss

​Some couples never find the direct cause

Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is when a woman has two or more failed pregnancies.

By definition, miscarriage refers to the loss of a baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

RPL affects approximately 1% of couples trying to conceive.

Some couples never find the cause of their RPL… even after going through countless tests and examinations.

Without treatment, women with RPL are 60-70% likely to miscarry in their next pregnancy.

The cause of the disease is unclear.

Various interventions have been used in clinical practice.

The majority of these interventions lack evidence… their use can’t be supported in preventing miscarriage in women with RPL.

One procedure that is common in women with RPL is the cerclage, or cervical stitch.

Although this procedure is quite successful it is not without inherent risks. The success rates are 80-90% for elective cerclages, and 40-60% for emergency cerclages.

These risks include:

  • premature labor
  • infection
  • injury to the cervix or bladder

Due to the treatments available many couples will seek alternative options.

Working Together with Western Medicine to Prevent Miscarriage

All our Chinese medicine practitioners are trained in modern biomedical science. We understand how fertility and pregnancy work in both Western and Chinese medicines.

All your blood tests, imaging and surgery reports are taken into consideration… we customise a Chinese medicine treatment plan aided by this information.

We collaborate with your fertility specialist or gynaecologist to achieve the best outcomes.

How can Chinese Medicine Help?

To start, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture improve the success rate of the implantation. They do this by helping the body to produce adequate levels of progesterone.

In Chinese medicine the following are considered “deficiencies”:

  • low progesterone
  • short luteal phase (ovulation)
  • an unhealthy immune response (over-active natural killer cells)

These deficiencies may be treated in many ways . In Chinese medicine we focus on the health of the person as a whole instead of looking for “disease”.

To compound this problem the following all contribute to these “deficiencies”:

  • bad lifestyle choices
  • genetic predisposition
  • stress and poor health

Excluding the genetic factors, Chinese Medicine can reverse many of these deficiencies.

Chinese medicine has over 2000 years’ experience in the successful treatment of infertility… this includes miscarriage prevention.

Fertility is an area of health where Chinese Medicine truly shines.

A skilled and experienced practitioner can provide significant insights about your fertility.

They can also help you to increase your rate of implantation. As well, your likelihood of getting pregnant… and carrying your pregnancy through to term.

​The common issues

Following are some of the common issues that we find during early pregnancy.

Blood flow

To achieve a successful implantation and healthy pregnancy robust blood circulation is vital.

Acupuncture is a simple, natural and effective method to improve blood flow… especially around reproductive areas.

Hormone health

A weak body will struggle to maintain a healthy hormone level during early pregnancy.

Chinese herbs are used to strengthen the body’s ability to maintain good progesterone level and HCG.

This is really important!

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety about recurrent miscarriage can be common.

Acupuncture’s calming and grounding effect can help to reduce negative emotions… and promote a good quality sleep.

This will reduce the disturbance from the mind to the body… greatly improving the pregnancy.

​a Safe and Caring Environment to Assist in Your Recovery from Miscarriage
We provide a safe and caring environment to assist in your recovery from miscarriage. And we improve your fertility health for future conception.

And we improve your fertility health for future conception.

Sadly not all pregnancy is successful and miscarriage is never an easy experience.  At Sustain Health we help our clients prepare for further attempts at having a family.

How can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture help?


To assist reduce and stop bleeding after miscarriage… and help to preserve vital nutrients in the body.


Reducing the abdominal cramping and low back pain often associated with miscarriage.


Helping to strengthen progesterone level in the luteal phase and pregnancy.


Miscarriage is very taxing on the body. Support is often needed to restore the body back to optimal health.


Usually there is more than just the obvious physical repercussions to miscarriage.

Acupuncture and TCM can help to resolve the emotional and psychological impact.  We can help to provide brighter solutions for the future.

How Acupuncture and TCM help to prevent miscarriage

We help women who may be at a higher risk of miscarriage by addressing:

Low fertility health

Optimal fertility health is very important to the consolidation and development of the foetus… both before and during pregnancy.

Multiple miscarriage

Women who have had previous miscarriage are much more likely to miscarry than women who haven’t. In this case you need to do everything you can to prevent recurrence.

Genetic abnormality

Optimal reproductive health before conception is paramount.

Although we cannot change the genetic condition of a foetus, prevention is vital. It is especially relevant for aging couples.

Poor energy and overall health

Helping to increase reproductive and overall health for struggling women is especially important… before and during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage to produce healthy children.

Threatened miscarriage

Early pregnancy bleeding and other symptoms can indicate a threat to pregnancy. Acupuncture and TCM have very strong protocols to prevent miscarriage. When threatened we can increase progesterone levels, stop bleeding and secure the foetus.

Managing Miscarriage at Sustain Health

We apply a holistic approach in managing miscarriage.

Experiencing recurrent miscarriage issues?

Like extra support in creating a healthy pregnancy?

Please do not hesitate to discuss this matter with myself or one of the other practitioners.

We will help:

  • investigate your unique situation
  • provide quality advice
  • create a tailored treatment plan

… and provide the steps to guide you to a successful pregnancy.

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