Male Fertility

Sustain Health’s male fertility program uses safe and natural treatments to help improve your chances of conceiving

Although often overlooked, Male Fertility health is as important for conception and healthy babies as female fertility health. The reasons for lack of conception being due to Male sub-fertility across the total population are comparable to that of Female subfertility.

How can Chinese Medicine help to increase Male fertility health?

Working with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine our trained professionals can help:

  • Sperm count – By increasing the body’s emphasis on reproduction and supporting the necessary materials for sperm production.
  • Morphology – To produce healthy sperm we ensure the reproductive system is healthy during every stage of development.
  • Motility – A healthy reproductive system is essential for producing healthy sperm with optimal motility.
  • Vitality – Lifting the overall strength of the reproductive system is a priority in order to increase sexual health and activity.
  • Emotion – Depression, anxiety and other extremes of emotion can impact directly on reproductive health, especially when regarding fertility itself. Treatment strategies often have solutions to these issues within them in order to be more effective.
  • Overall health – Reproductive health often depends on many factors. To ensure your greatest reproductive health and sexual function every aspect of your general health will be addressed during treatment.
  • Couples – Working with both partners is often essential to produce the best results. Each partner can be given the exact amount of assistance needed for their circumstance and the wellbeing of the partnership.
  • Diet and Lifestyle – To help to clear up and prevent pathological conditions such as dampness and heat in the digestion and lower abdomen, and maintain optimal sexual health, any aspect of your life may need to be addressed.

Why choose TCM and Acupuncture for Male fertility?

  • Getting to the root – By applying a holistic approach and addressing the underlying problems Acupuncture and TCM increase successful health outcomes and create sustainable health solutions.
  • Individuality – We realise that no two people are the same, therefore no two treatments will be the same. Acupuncture and TCM have the capacity to provide each individual with exactly what they need to effectively increase their reproductive health.
  • Side effects – TCM and Acupuncture do not increase reproductive health at the expense of other parts of the body. In fact, your general health and well being should improve as treatment progresses because of the importance placed on the whole system of health supporting reproduction.

How long does it take?

Although human males produce sperm and seminal fluid every day, spermatogenesis takes about 74 days from beginning to end.  So results aren’t instantaneous and we usually see observable results within a few weeks.  At the very least we recommend that you start treatment as soon as you start trying to conceive.

Depending on your condition continued treatment may be necessary to maintain optimal sexual function, but your practitioner will let you know a more accurate time frame for your treatment plan.

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