IVF Support

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture help to support my IVF process?

  • Support egg collection – By ensuring the body is as prepared as it can be and assisting with the number and quality of the available eggs. Also by helping to achieve a minimal impact from the surgery and aiding recovery.
  • Support implantation – Our trained professionals can ensure you receive the best support available during this pivotal moment.
  • Secure the foetus – Implantation is just the beginning and the subsequent first weeks of pregnancy are just as vital for successful full term pregnancy. Acupuncture and TCM can help secure the foetus and prevent possible tragedy.
  • Moderate the forced cycle – IVF is generally quite the hormonal roller coaster. Acupuncture and TCM help to moderate the effects of the forced cycles and support the body with all that it needs during these times.
  • Maintain good reproductive health – Putting such a strong series of movements can put a lot of strain on the reproductive system. Treatment with Acupuncture and TCM can help to support and maintain the reproductive system and ensure optimal health.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety – This time is very rarely an easy one on the emotions with so much at stake. By reducing stress and anxiety our treatment can not only improve your subjective experience of the process but actually affect the outcomes favourably.
  • Provide ongoing support – There is never a moment in this process that Acupuncture and TCM cannot help. Our team of professionals are trained to assist you with every aspect of health before during and after all procedures, and into your new motherhood experience.

What can I expect from TCM and Acupuncture treatment?

  • Results – At Sustain Health we see the importance of treatment not only at the time of transfer but throughout all of the preparation and well into pregnancy to see the best results.
  • Acupuncture – The strength of this type of treatment is that it can perfectly compliment all other interventions and add to their results at any stage of the process. Each Acupuncture treatment is specifically tailored to each individual and what they need both for that day and for ongoing longer-term goals.
  • TCM – Herbal medicine is the perfect compliment during the IVF process and is often prescribed throughout. 
  • Better health – It cannot be emphasized enough that your chances of success with IVF relies on your reproductive and general health being at it’s optimum. The process will ask a lot of your body and continued health and strength are essential.
  • Continued support – You can rely on our Chinese Medicine professionals to give you support and prescribe exactly what you need during every step on your way to your new family.

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