IVF Preparation

Our experienced practitioners can advise on holistic and natural therapies to better prepare for IVF treatments

As with all fertility processes preparation for the IVF cycle is paramount to obtain the best chances of success.  Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have been recorded as being very beneficial in the preparation for IVF and obtaining optimal results.

How can TCM and Acupuncture help my IVF treatment & preparation?

  • Increase fertility health – for both males and females.
  • Females – Increase numbers and quality of eggs before collection. Prepare the optimal “fertile ground” before implantation.
  • Males – Improve numbers and quality of sperm collected
  • Decrease the impact of the forced cycles
  • Maintain good health
  • Emotional wellbeing

How early should I start my IVF preparation?

1 course – As with many fertility health concerns the best results are achieved when working with the body’s natural cycle.  From the TCM point of view the earlier the better, and 3 cycles is considered to be 1 course of treatment.  This timeframe allows for a much greater reserve of all the essential elements in the reproductive system, not just eggs.

As soon as possible – Many couples find themselves scheduled for the first collection and transfer quite soon after making the decision to use IVF.  If you find yourself in this position do not wait before beginning support treatment with TCM and Acupuncture, even one month can make a big difference!

Why risk it?

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