Failed IVF

At Sustain Health, we pride ourselves in holistic and natural treatments, advice from some of the industry’s leading practitioners to help our patients with IVF support therapies

Unfortunately not everything always goes to plan.  IVF is not a guaranteed method for pregnancy and full term birth.  Typically only about 1/3 of attempts achieve implantation and only about 2/3 of those continue to full term.

Here at Sustain Health we understand the importance of every opportunity and have strong protocols in place to assist couples who have had failed IVF to recover and try again with every strength within their capacity.

In order to do this we insist upon:

  • Acupuncture – To bring the body back into equilibrium and strengthen the reproductive system.
  • Herbal Medicine – To assist the body to produce the fertile ground necessary for a successful IVF cycle.
  • Regularity of treatment – To create the strength of health necessary for this type of intervention.
  • Time – Engaging with treatment promptly after a failed cycle to allow the maximum opportunity for recovery and preparation for any subsequent cycles.

If you have a failed IVF experience or multiple failed IVFs, don’t hesitate to book in appointment to see our experienced practitioner to help you to become a better responder to IVF treatment and achieve a successful pregnancy and live birth.

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