Uterine Fibroids

Although 70-80% of women develop fibroids before they are 50 most remain undetected and without symptom or complication. For women who detect uterine fibroids it can begin to become a concern as they become larger or even palpable.

How can Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine help?

  • Reduce fibroid size – In order to reverse fibroid accumulation Acupuncture and TCM primarily make use of the digestive and water metabolism systems, along with increasing the flow of blood and Qi to the abdomen so the mass may be resolved.
  • Avoid complications – By reducing the size or completely resolving uterine fibroids Acupuncture and TCM can help to avoid problems with fertility and the cycle, pain and perhaps surgery.
  • Improve general health – By improving your health in general the accumulation has less chance to increase. The bonus is that your health and quality of life generally improve as treatment progresses.

What can I expect from treatment?

  • Time – The amount of time necessary depends on the progression of the fibroid. By the time a fibroid is detected it is usually of a moderate size and may require 1 or 2 courses of treatment for a satisfactory result.
  • Acupuncture – This non-invasive intervention is excellent for restoring the correct flow within the reproductive system and the whole body. Applied regularly Acupuncture can help to correct the functions that encourage the production and enlargement of fibroids as well as assist to reduce existing fibroid tissues.
  • Herbal Medicine – The continual action of Herbal Medicine is very useful to counter the accumulation of fibroid material and reduce the mass both directly by moving blood and body fluids and also by stimulating the energetic systems of the body in charge of fluid metabolism.

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