We all know how important the gestation period is for healthy babies, and insufficient growth can be quite a concern.  Of course during this period the health of both mother and child are inseparable and are often treated alongside one another.

How can Acupuncture and TCM help?

  • Increase blood flow – The most important thing for a growing foetus is an abundance of nutrient rich blood. Acupuncture and TCM are specially equipped to achieve this gently and effectively.
  • Boost energy – Pregnancy can be very taxing and any lack of growth of the foetus can often be remedied by supporting the energy of the mother. Acupuncture and TCM address this by working to support the digestive and reproductive systems during the pregnancy.
  • Moderate emotions – Although often seen as a symptom of fatigue, overwork and pressure, strong emotions themselves can further debilitate an already fatigued system. Acupuncture and TCM can relieve stress, anxiety, anger etc. and help to ensure your pregnancy is healthy and without emotional incident.
  • Improve overall health – Situations within the daily routine and health in general such as sleep problems, pain, digestive issues, etc. can also strongly affect the health of the mother and development of the child. By ensuring all is well in general, the development of the child and health of the mother are given their best opportunities.

What can I expect from treatment?

  • Acupuncture – Regular acupuncture is often the key to creating health and strength during pregnancy, essential for the development of your new baby.
  • Herbal Medicine – Ongoing herbal medicine may be prescribed in order to encourage the correct nutrient availability for your child, as well as many other possibilities regarding your individual health. Rest assured that we only use herbs that are safe during pregnancy and there should be no effect except for those intended for effective treatment.
  • Regularity – Treatment during pregnancy is often ongoing week to week, but even in the best scenarios mothers benefit from contact at least once a month.

Your Chinese Medicine professional will know how to tailor a treatment plan that is specifically for your individual needs.  Call us today to ensure the best future for your new family.

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